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Fishing & Hunting > Hunting

 Hunting Collection

A 296 X 26' doc series directed in 2013 by Various Directors

The World of Hunting: 83 X 26'
This documentary series focuses on understanding the various hunting around the world,

While accompanying hunters on the different territories of the game, you will understand their methods (approach, preparation, choice of weapon, etc.).

Hunting Dogs: 62 X 26’
With this series, hunters will rediscover the different hunting dog breeds throughout the world: their qualities according to the kind of environment and game, to the countries or regions.

The Ultimate of Hunting: 39 X 26'
Collection about hunting all around the world (France, Morocco, England, Turkey).
All episodes are 16/9, 11 episodes are in HD

Mission: Hunting: 80 X 26'
This series will tell everything your audience needs to know about hunting.
Countries: France, Syria, Spain, Central Africa, Namibia, Mauritius Island, Turkey, Romania, Kirgizstan, etc.
Animals: Deers, Dogs, Pheasant, Rabbit, Goshawks, Partridges, Pigeons, Boars, etc.

The Art of Hunting: 32 X 26'
All episodes are 16/9, 21 episodes are in HD 21
Here are some episodes:
Hunting big games in Cameroon
Hunting Partridges with pointers (HD)
Furtage and Rabbit hunting (HD)
Stalking to sheep in the Caroux-Espinouse Mountains (HD)
Pheasant hunting with Pointers (HD)
Choosing a gun?
Black bear hunting with archery (HD)

The Best of Hunting: 6 X 26’

Miscellaneous Hunting: 10 X 26’
All episodes are 16/9, 2 episodes are in HD

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