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The Son of the Olive Merchant

A 77' documentary directed in 2011 by Mathieu Zeitindjioglou

For their honeymoon, Anna and Mathieu went to Turkey. With camera in hand, to investigate about Garabed, the Armenian grand-father of Mathieu, who escape the 1915 genocide.

A road movie across the country mixing animation with documentary, to report what currently, the Turkish people think about 1915 tragedy.

With the participation of Jean-Claude Dreyfus.

Festivals : - Festival des "Étoiles Francophones", Février 2012 - ADAA Films Festival de Boston, 12/11/2011 - Festival du film d'éducation d'Evreux, 18/11/2011 - Festival IMAJ de Bruxelles, 25/10/2011 - Festival International de Fims Indépendants de Lassalles, sept 2011 - Doc Miami International Film Festival , Sep 2011 - FAITO Doc Festival (Italie), Juillet 2011 - Golden Apricot Film Festival de Erevan, Juillet 2011 - ITZON Film Festival, Mai 2011

Awards : - Price of the Best Documentary - Pomigranate Films Festival de Toronto- 2rd of December 2011 - Special Jury Prize Feature - Festival International of Animation - Reanimania (Erevan) - September 2011 - Honorable Mention - Los Angeles Film and Script Festival - April 2011 - Honorable Mention - Los Angeles Movies Awards (LAMA II) - December 2010

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