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Paco Rabanne - Fashion Revolutionary

A 52’ documentary directed in 2014 by Anthony Mutti

Somewhere at the end of the world, in Brittany, on the "coast of legends" in his retreat of stone, in front of the “finity of seas”, Paco Rabanne the mythical and mystical fashion designer opens the doors of his heart and his universe, for an extraordinary journey through the creative mind of a visionary and revolutionary artist.

Testimony from prominent international personalities such as Carla Bruni, Françoise Hardy, Euzhan Palcy and Julio Le Parc allow us to better decode the originality of his avant-garde as inspired as inspiring work, which ranks him among the biggest contemporary artists of modernity.

Single and unique film he has accepted, away from clichés and stereotypes, in the course of exclusive interviews he has given to us, Paco Rabanne gradually reveals the true face of the humble and friendly man who lies beneath the armor sometimes provocative and disturbing of the star that is worth "millions”.

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