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Afghanistan - The Country of Peace and Sword

A 52’ report directed in 2012 by Petr Zrno

The team has visited the Afghan provinces of Logar and Wardak and shared the life in small combat outposts with U.S., Czech, and Afghan troops who fight the Taliban.

The poorly armed insurgents are neither able to defeat the coalition forces nor to take control over cities. However, they can damage roads and other infrastructure, generally make life difficult for the Afghan administration, and maintain a shadow rule over a large part of the population.
Their goal is to weaken the Alliance’s determination to keep fighting.

Leading a war against the invisible enemy, how do the coalition forces manage to keep lines of communication open, protect the civilian population, and build schools?

How is the cooperation working with local leaders?

Festivals : -Czech Documentary Films -East Silver 2013 - Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival - Doha, Qatar 2013 - Cinéma du Réel / BPI – France 2013 - Hot Docs - Canadian International Documentary Film Festival – Toronto 2013 -Tribeca Film Festival – New York USA 2013 -GI Film Festival - Washington DC USA 2013 -International Detective Film Festival DetectiveFEST – Moscou Russia 2013 - Docaviv International Film Festival - Tel Aviv Israel 2013

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