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Adventures and Sports

Cheers !

A 4 X 26’ & 2 X 52’ documentary directed in 2013 by Cédric Defert

Cheerleading is an American sport made of gymnastics, jumps and pyramids...

Cheer Excess, a young French cheerleading team, is getting ready for a year full of emotions - they will fly to Orlando to defend the colors of France for the next World Championships.

In order to achieve their dream, they will need to follow the precious instructions of their American coach, Melissa.
Will they be able to overcome obstacles such as injuries and peer pressure?

These 4 episodes follow Cheer Excess members - aged 14 to 27 - and their desire to pursue the American Dream!

# 1: The American Dream
# 2: A group pressure
# 3: World
# 4: Lucid and Valiant

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