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Today's Worlds > Business

Social Business : a New Path for Capitalism?

A 51’ documentary directed in 2013 by Nicolas Jouvin

Paradoxically, while global GDP has grown considerably in the past 20 years, the gap between the rich and the poor has drastically increased.

Social Business: A New Path for Capitalism? In our post-crisis era, this question reflects a strong need for change and meaning, especially among the younger generations.

In this film, we try to define what a social business is, what are its origins and development catalysts, and especially to understand the issues. To illustrate, we chose a handicraft business at a pivotal development period, located near Cambodia Angkor Wat.
Founded in 2011 by a French ex-trader who understood that Angkor remained one of the poorest regions of Cambodia despite the 3 million visitors per year.

On the analytical side, we interviewed key professionals in Europe, the US and Cambodia, from NGOs, businesses, finance, environment and education.

Our goal is for it to be informative, but also inspiring, thought-provoking and overall to raise consciousness.

Festivals : . Global Peace Film Festival (Orlando) - Official Selection . Marbella International Film Festival - Official Selection . Southampton International Film Festival- Official Selection (Best Editing, Best Directing in Documentary). . NYC Independent Film Festival: "Mark of Distinction" . St John's International Women's Film Festival - Official Selection . Sichuan TV Festival/Gold Panda Awards (Chine - Official Selection in the category : "Most Innovative" film.

Awards : . Southampton International Film Festival- Official Selection (Best Editing, Best Directing in Documentary) - Mark of Distinction - NYC Independant Film Festival

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