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The DongUiBoGam and Health by Harmony - The Traditional Korean Medicine

A 54' documentary directed in 2013 by Guillaume Villégier, Anne-Lise Cogez, Clément Mettai

In South Korea, two types of medicines coexist and complement each other: Western Medicine and Traditional Oriental Medicine.
The latter is mainly based on the precepts of DongUiBoGam (Medical Encyclopedia entered into the register “World Memory” by UNESCO) and advocates a balance between mind and body, between man and his environment.

This documentary explains the bases of this holistic medicine and the various practices which is composed by: pharmacopoeia acupuncture, moxibution, sunmudo...

From the gigantic building of Seoul to peaceful fields of Punggi Insam, Oriental medicine is an integral part of the lives of Koreans.

Professors of Oriental Medicine, researchers, doctors, farmers of plants and roots and martial arts masters give their opinion on this medicine for the prevention and the benefits.

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