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Today's Worlds

Welcome Goodbye

A 54’ & 80’ documentary directed in 2014 by Nana A.T. Rebhan

“Welcome Goodbye” focuses on the subject of the rapidly growing tourism in Berlin and all the good and bad that comes with it.

Enthusiastic Taiwanese girls scanning the whole of Europe within 8 days, a Mexican filmmaker who is determined to shoot a short film during his 2 day stay or a Dutch writer working on his Berliner novel - they all and millions more want to discover their own version of Berlin.

Both tourists and audience are accompanied by Christian, a Berliner, through the film.

The very personal experiences of travelers from various countries and cultures are contrasted with interviews, featuring politicians, tourism managers, urban researchers and Berlin citizens.

Fear of gentrification, animosities towards tourists, existential dreads - WELCOME GOODBYE seeks to capture the currently prevailing moods in the soul of the city and follows the question: who owns Berlin?

Festivals : - Official competition Achtung Berlin Festival - The new Berlin film Award

Awards : - Nominated for the Ex-Berliner Film Award

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