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Shishmaref - For 2° Celsius More

A 27' report directed in 2002 by Matthieu Auzanneau, Christophe Kilian

In the Great American North, where temperatures have risen by 2° Celsius in 50 years, we have met the first victims of climate change.

Shishmaref is a very old Eskimo fishermen community in the North of Alaska. We follow Tony Weyjouanna : his village has given him the task to list the damages caused by the progressive elevation of the Arctic Ocean. The community of this little island has been trying to resist the rise of water for the last 30 years by stacking up sand bags on the beach. A pathetic protection: since 1997 three houses have been swept away by the water and fifteen others have been moved.

On July 19th 2001, the people of Shishmaref decided to start looking for money to move the whole village onto the main land. But the American administration turns a deaf ear to their request : global warming is hitting Alaska on a scale that goes way beyond the village of Shishmaref...

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